Asbestos Essentials

Training Workshops

Our Asbestos Awareness training workshops make sure you feel prepared for whatever situation comes your way, whether it’s in the boardroom or on the job site.

We offer two workshops
depending on your working relationship
with asbestos

Do you have responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act, to manage and protect everyone in the workplace from the risks of asbestos?

This is for you!

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness (AA) is a 3-hour workshop designed for people who need to understand and manage asbestos risks in the workplace. This can include property and facilities managers, project managers and landlords.

It makes sense of the Asbestos Regulations and Approved Code of Practice for the Management and Removal of Asbestos (ACOP), so people who have a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace are better equipped to ask the necessary questions and critique the answers.

It covers:

  • An overview of the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Asbestos Regulations and ACOP
  • The role of representatives of PCBUs with management and control over the workplace to identify and manage asbestos risks
  • The requirements on PCBUs commissioning work involving asbestos vs asbestos-related work
  • The difference between Class A and Class B removal work, and the requirements of each
  • Unlicensed asbestos-related work
  • The role of the independent assessor
  • Air monitoring – the requirements and the options
  • What to look for when engaging removalists and other contractors
  • Easy to follow decision trees
  • Ways to verify the risks are being managed.

Attendees have a better appreciation of the considerations to take into account during the tendering, planning, maintenance, demolition and building aspects of their assignments. Including but not limited to different types of surveys, when they need to be done, who can do what type of work and an appropriate emergency procedure if it all goes horribly wrong!

Are you the tradie or contractor working in a building or with machinery built prior to 2000, where there is a risk of disturbing asbestos while doing your job?

This is for you!

Asbestos Aware Plus

Asbestos Aware Plus (AAP) is a highly regarded 4.5 hour practical and interactive workshop for those who do work involving asbestos and asbestos-containing materials — builders, plumbers, sparkies, roofers, flooring contractors, the cable guys, etc, doing maintenance and servicing work.

This workshop includes much of the information in the Asbestos Awareness workshop, and covers the requirement of the ACOP to work safely with asbestos.

It covers:

  • The history and uses of asbestos
  • Health implications following exposure to respirable asbestos fibres
  • Setting up the work area
  • Tools and equipment required to work safely with asbestos
  • A video showing ways of suppressing and capturing asbestos-containing dust
  • How to safely dispose of asbestos waste
  • How to decontaminate oneself and tools, including the opportunity to practice this themselves.

Attendees who are undergoing vocational education in Construction or Hazardous Materials & Substances can use their training workbook as evidence when they apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Our students have provided our AA and AAP workbooks to the Transitional Industry Training Authority (TITO) as RPL for unit standard 2138 (Demonstrate knowledge of asbestos and safety procedures) and US 30596 (Demonstrate knowledge of asbestos and safety measures for asbestos-related work).

Please note that we do not supply you with these unit standards upon completing the workshop.  You must apply to the TITO to be awarded credits for these unit standards.

We provide workers with a wallet-sized card that they can show a WorkSafe inspector if one should turn up onsite.

Doing our part

We have trained people from the Department of Corrections, Spotless, Connetics, Reserve Bank, Government House, LT McGuiness, McKee Fehl Constructors, Holmes Construction, First Security, Advanced Security, sparkies and plumbers, and many other different types of organisation and trades.  Every attendee has commented on how much they learnt, even those who thought they knew a lot!  They’ve also complimented us on our ability to make it not boring!

MCG makes a $20 donation to the Cancer Society for every attendee at our practical 4.5-hour workshop, and a $5 donation for those who attend the 3-hour workshop.

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People trained by MCG across our Asbestos Awareness & Asbestos Aware Plus training workshops

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Raised for the Cancer Society NZ

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Awareness Online

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Aware Plus

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In-person training sessions are held at MCG HQ — Level 7, 88 Lambton Quay, Wellington. If you are interested in booking a large group, we can arrange to take the session at your place — Just send us an email.

Training workshops require a minimum number to go ahead, to ensure a broad discussion for a wider perspective.

If we don’t have enough registrations a few days before the start date, we have to postpone & will notify you via email.