Asbestos Services

Don't be scared of asbestos

We all know asbestos can do a lot of damage, but if you manage the risks, asbestos can be a little less scary.

Our asbestos services provide peace of mind, so you can get your job done.

Find out how we can help you to manage asbestos risks.

Management Surveys

An asbestos management survey confirms the presence (or absence) and level of risk of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) during normal occupancy or maintenance.

The key information you need to manage your risks are easily found, and not buried on the last page.

Demolition & Refurbishment Surveys

If you are planning on doing any demolition or renovations in a building built prior to 2000, you must first get the materials that may be disturbed tested before allowing anyone to start work.

We plan our surveys in consultation with you to make sure we find the bad stuff before you do.

Management Plans

You are required to have an asbestos management plan if you own or manage a building built prior to 2000 that has identified or presumed asbestos.

Our easy-to-read management plans are fully compliant with the legislation, but go one step further — We provide you with practical tools and templates to assure your risks are being managed.

Project Management

With over 20 years in the industry, we know that no two buildings are the same.

We can assist you by developing a scope of works for removal companies to quote on, and reviewing the removalists’ methodologies and pricing. You'll receive a report summarising your different options and any risks you need to be aware of before deciding how to proceed.

Air Monitoring

MCG's fleet of air monitors can be utilised to provide reassurance - whether it be for a clearance, or to provide background or leak monitoring as required.

We have a great working relationship with the best laboratories in the country and can have results expedited, so you can rest assured we've got your back the whole way.


MCG's WorkSafe-licensed assessors know what “good” looks like. We work hard alongside the removalists, to ensure the job is done once, properly, as efficiently as practicably possible to minimise downtime.

Our processes are designed to provide you with an audit trail to verify your obligations are met.

Don't just take our word for it

Find out how we’ve used our asbestos services to assist our clients in managing their risks.

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