Case Study: Asbestos-related work

Case Study: Asbestos-related work

The situation:

MCG’s asbestos management survey identified asbestos-containing materials that required minor remediation.  The job was too small for licensed removalists and, in any case, the work can be done as unlicensed work by anyone who has been trained to undertake asbestos-related work.  However, our client’s tradies didn’t feel at all confident working around asbestos.


Problem to solve:

How can the PCBU responsible for ensuring a safe workplace get minor asbestos risks fixed?


MCG’s solution:

This situation is not uncommon, which is why MCG’s competent surveyors now fix minor issues while completing the survey.

There is so much asbestos in this country that we’re keen to improve workers’ capability and comfort to work with it.  MCG provides training to maintenance and servicing workers on how to safely fix minor asbestos risks – e.g. unpainted asbestos-cement board, fix small holes in insulating board, clean up minor amounts of dust.  The training is consistent with unit standard 30596 – Demonstrate knowledge of asbestos and safety measures for asbestos-related work.