Case Study: Asbestos in the soil

Case Study: Asbestos in the soil

The situation:

A Government agency is concerned about soil which has been tested and confirmed to contain asbestos.


Problem to solve:

How can the risk of contamination from the soil be sensibly remediated, with regard for the extent of presumed contamination, access issues and the sensitive nature of the site?


MCG’s solution:

We found the original tests had only confirmed the presence of asbestos. The results didn’t identified the extent of contamination, nor determine the actual risk of exposure to respirable fibres.

Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive survey and undertake air monitoring. This allowed us to identify the extent of the contamination and risk of exposure.

As a result of our tests, we were able to significantly narrow down the area requiring remediation.

The next challenge was to come up with a plan to sensibly remediate the area, as access was problematic. To ensure the best options were provided, we needed to conduct international research and consulting with engineers, concrete experts, and Suitably Qualified Experienced Persons (SQEPs).

We provided the agency with a report which included costed remediation options, and the information necessary to develop a scope of works to obtain quotes for the remediation.