Case Study: Removals – How expensive is too expensive?

Case Study: Removals – How expensive is too expensive?

The situation:

A client was alarmed to receive three different quotes for the same asbestos removal. with hundreds of thousands of dollars difference between them.  “How could that happen when it’s the same job?”


Problem to solve:

What is a reasonable price for asbestos removal?


MCG’s solution:

We use our expertise to develop detailed scopes of work to issue to removalists to quote.

Recognising that good practice requires commissioning PCBUs to have regard for contractors’ health and safety practices, we also obtain information specific to managing asbestos risks.

Upon receipt of all the information, we provided our clients with a summary of the quotes. It included a discussion on the merits of the different methodologies, and an indication of our cost for providing clearance services. This way the client had a complete picture.