Are you confident that your organisation’s health and safety systems will keep your people safe and protect you from strict liability when the new Health & Safety at Work Act comes into force on 4th April?

The new Act broadens your duty of care to encompass anyone who may be harmed by the work that you cause to be carried out for you as a PCBU.

Resources and processes are required to eliminate or minimise the risk of harm to these people. You need to also have processes in place to monitor that the resources and processes:

  • are in fact being used by your workers; and
  • that they are effective in keeping people safe.

If you’re unsure whether your systems are effective in ensuring compliance in the new environment, an independent audit will help you identify your compliance gaps. An independent audit is recommended by both the Institute of Directors and WorkSafe NZ to provide boards and executives with assurance that they are meeting their due diligence obligations.

MCG can help you with this, and develop a strategy to help you navigate through the changing health and safety environment.

This article was first published on LinkedIn in February 2016.