Do you find yourself spending lots of time in front of the computer?  Are you experiencing:

  • Fatigue?
  • Eye strain or burning eyes?
  • Weakness in your hands or forearms?
  • Persistent pain, stiffness or swelling in your muscles, tendons or other soft tissue such as around your neck or forearm?

Working from home, or “remote working”, increases the risk of occupational overuse syndrome (OOS), also known as repetitive strain injury (RSI).  The chances are that your workstation is not properly set up to reduce that risk.

Book a virtual ergonomic assessment 

MCG’s qualified occupational hygienists can help you to identify improvements you can make to your workstation that will help to eliminate unnecessary stress on your body.  It’s so simple: all you need is a measuring tape and the ability to participate in a video call for half an hour.

During the video call, our Occupational Hygienist will:

  • Conduct an online ergonomic assessment
  • Explain where the risks are and how they can be managed
  • Provide you with examples and recommendations to improve your workstation layout
MCG ergonomic assessment

We’ll work with you to optimally set up your workstation and provide you with a written report that details where the concerns are and recommendations for keeping safe from long-term harm.

Even when you work from home, your employer still needs to identify and manage risks to your health and safety.  Our practical report will help them to help you stay safe.

Book your online ergonomic assessment with us today by filling in the form below:

If your workplace has a number of staff that require assessing, please invite your manager to call us on 0800 44 00 70 to arrange.

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