Consider this definition of a near miss: it’s an accident looking for a place to happen! But all too often, a person is told to be more careful “next time”.

If you’re an officer, you need confidence that investigations into near misses and accidents are robust enough to get to the root cause – not simply default to a person having a bad day – so that the chance of something happening “next time” is greatly reduced or eliminated.

MCG uses use the Incident Causation Analysis Methodology(ICAM), considered best practice in root cause investigation. ICAM focuses on uncovering the facts to identify systemic issues that contributed to the incident. It avoids the tendency to assign blame, instead looking at how the system can be improved to eliminate or minimise similar incidents in the future.

Note that the Institute of Directors and WorkSafe NZ recommend officers consider an independent review of the PCBU’s investigation, to verify the organisation’s controls are effective, as part of meeting their due diligence obligations.

MCG can either undertake an investigation for you or review your internal investigation into significant incidents to provide assurance that the root causes have been properly identified.

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