We help you to keep your people safe

It's that simple

Helping clients achieve measurable change and improvement across health and safety is our mission.

We work together to keep health and safety realistic. By using our experience to think outside the box we can keep you safe and empower you to do the same.

Focusing on asbestos allows us to devote resources to keeping it simple.

So, how can we help?

We make it work

We work together to keep health and safety “real” and design processes specifically for you. If it doesn't work for your team at the beginning, it won't in the long run.

We think outside the box

Asbestos is a tricky beast, and can be found in over 3000 products in NZ alone. Our collaborative environment allows our asbestos consultants to use their 20 years of experience to solve your problems, sensibly.

We keep it simple

We build on your current good practices to ensure health and safety is just the way you roll — Keeping it easy for you and your team.

MCG founder, Shelley Major, has a vision to make a difference to New Zealand’s health statistics. She used her extensive experience to align systems, processes and people to create MCG and make it what it is today.