Corona Virus in the community

Well, aren’t we on a roller coaster! This pandemic certainly is testing from the perspectives of public health, mental health and the economic effects. Things are changing, virtually by the hour, as the whole world attempts to slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus, so our health system doesn’t [...]

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Asbestos management plans for the workplace

We’ve noticed some confusion about whether PCBUs need to identify asbestos in the workplace or whether they have until 4 April 2018 to identify it. If your workplace was built before 1 January 2000, you have until 4 April 2018 to put an asbestos management plan (AMP) in place.  We [...]

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Managing contractors

New Zealand has a time-honoured tradition of contracting out "non-core" business. But under the Health and Safety at Work Act, you can't transfer your duty of care to another person: You are still obliged to ensure your contractors, their sub-contractors and their respective staff are competent to safely carry out work on your behalf.

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The Health and Safety at Work Act: Just how exposed are the officers?

WorkSafe NZ has been busy prosecuting businesses. How exposed will officers be in the new health and safety environment? The Health and Safety at Work Act is the legacy of the Pike River mining disaster where failings by the directors and chief executive were identified but no-one was held to account.

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The Health and Safety at Work Act: What is engagement?

The new legislation has a strong focus on worker engagement. A key aim is to foster a safety-conscious culture. Do you have processes in place to engage with your workers? Did you know you also need processes to receive feedback from them regarding their health and safety concerns?

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Do you feel safe?

Are you confident that your organisation's H&S systems will keep your people safe and protect you from strict liability when the new Health & Safety at Work Act comes into force? The new Act broadens your duty of care to encompass anyone who may be harmed by work that you cause to be carried out.

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