The situation:

A client was initially reluctant to get management surveys completed of their portfolio. They were concerned they would face a large bill to remove it all.


Problem to solve:

How can the PCBU take a risk-based approach to managing asbestos?


MCG’s solution:

Asbestos surveys identify the risk of respirable fibres being released, known as a ‘material risk assessment’.  The PCBU with management and control of the site is required to complete a ‘priority risk assessment’ to identify the potential for the material to be disturbed.

If it ain’t broke, don’t break it! There are five options for managing asbestos. Most often, action can be deferred because the overall risk is comparatively low.

We helped our client to identify the overall risk.  This information is available, for free, via our online portal. This can be interrogated to develop appropriate timeframes, and the planned vs actual costs of remediation.  Management reports can be developed to track progress.